The exhibition

Luminaries exhibition photograph.

Luminaries focuses on the work of six jewellery artists who, at the peak of their careers, have played significant roles in the development and understanding of contemporary jewellery over the last thirty years in Australasia.

Warwick Freeman, Barbara Heath, Marian Hosking, Carlier Makigawa, Catherine Truman and Margaret West have been brought together in this exhibition, firstly for the exceptional and consistent quality of their work and the unique visual language present in their jewellery and objects, but also to acknowledge the contribution they have made to contemporary - or ‘author’ - jewellery in Australia.

Luminaries exhibition photograph.

The work in Luminaries shows that jewellery can carry a greater significance than personal decoration. With their highly individual ways of working - ideas, concerns, methods - these jewellers also articulate the issues that occupy contemporary artists: culture and difference; nature; the physical body and the emotional body.

These six artists add to these themes their own distinctive perspective presenting personal narratives and histories. In this way jewellery can embody stories. Through careful inspection of the use of different materials, imagery and forms that each artist has adopted the viewer will discover a rich source of stories and associations.

Through the rigour and maturity of their individual practice these artists provide excellent examples of the strength of sustained creative expression.

Luminaries exhibition photograph.

The quality of the work included illustrates the richness and potential of jewellery and embodies the notion of the jeweller as author, thereby creating a distinctive signature with jewellery. In this way the artists continue to be leading figures in their field.

This exhibition, commissioned by the Jewellers & Metalsmiths Group of Australia - NSW (JMGA-NSW) and curated by Rhana Devenport, provides the framework for each of these artists to present a discrete collection of their most recent work.

Luminaries thereby honours their contribution while acknowledging the significance of the stories they tell through the objects they make.

Exhibition dates

The exhibition was an initiative of JMGA-NSW to coincide with the 12th Biennial JMGA Conference 2006, onLocation. It was first shown at SCA Galleries in Sydney from 27 January to 28 February 2006.

Thanks to a grant from Visions of Australia, Luminaries was subsequently toured to three regional art galleries in Australia:

View photograqphs from the exhibition venues and of the artists' work in our image gallery.